Seasons - EP

by The Foxfires

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released June 23, 2015


all rights reserved



The Foxfires New York, New York

The Foxfires are a Indie Rock/Seagaze band from New York. Formed in 2013, the band has hundreds of shows on stages big and small in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MA, OH, VA, MD, DC, NC, WI, and DE along acts big and small including: Gates, Pentimento, Have Mercy, This Good Robot, Michale Graves, Sparks the Rescue, Rookie of the Year, Kurt Travis amongst countless others. ... more

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Track Name: Seasons
Verse 1 - Cast off to your warm and sunny coast. Summer's sunset rises to our toast. To our lives. You've won the lottery of love that's deep inside of me. Sit in wonder how you've got me dosed.

Verse 2 - Oh Fall, a confession's in the air. True love, it is living everywhere. On your back you lay, epitome. The sound of spring sedated me. You've got me tangled in your stare.

Pre Chorus - And I wanted you to know.

Chorus - Jump back, cause I know we need the time.
Light speed, cause I want to make you mine.
Time flies, as seasons come and go.
Changes are all we've ever known.
Take flight, we are weightless in the skies.
Shot down. You're the rhythm to my rhyme.
We'll die, but seasons come and go.
Changes are all we'll ever know.

Verse 3 - Stay close, as winter coats the earth. There's no end, just another season's birth. It's best with age unknowingly, to live and love reality. Our time is precious in it's worth.
Track Name: Spring Equinox
Verse 1 - Here I am, now you've hurt someone. My hands have restocked your camera, searching for the perfect picture. And picturesque, was I ever here? The rite of Spring is what I found from sprawling on the ceiling of my head.

Chorus - Be the light in your life.
Our regret is slowly drifting off, carried out by the tide.
I believe I've finally been set free.

Verse 2 - Make amends, and I'll make it clear. I don't know the world but I'll still love them, forgetting all the portraits at your bed. Picturesque, was I ever here? The rite of Spring is what I found from sprawling on the ceiling of my head.
Track Name: Summer Solstice
Verse 1 - I feel so outcasted. How could this happen? I'm out of time. I'm taken for granted. Feel like they planned this, and wrote my rhyme. Will I ever be granted wishes abandoned? It's summer time. I want to go back, and don't want to be frantic. Can I make you mine?

Verse 2 - I'm gonna detach him, while battered and groaning. A broken horse. Distant noises are calling. I feel like I'm falling down to Earth. Will I ever be granted wishes abandoned? It's winter time. I want to go back, and don't want to be frantic. Can I make you mine?

Chorus - I have been gone for way too long,
without lungs to breathe and a mouth to speak.
The truth was buried with in the Earth, with me.
Now the truth has set me free.
Track Name: Fall Equinox
Verse 1 - I subscribed to a phantom limb. Without love we may all pretend. But I always looked above myself, while I'm put onto my closet shelf. My autumn leaves will cease to be. Depart from me a common thief.

Verse 2 - Now that the present's past, the future comes but it never lasts. I break away a fishing lore, and play this game of tug-o-war. This boat and stream are all I need. And this aging world has guided you to me.

Chorus - I always tour. You're never there, but further reaching out.
With setting stones and soaring suns, we're further climbing how?
I wish I did what I always said. King of the awkward crowd.
Wish mom and dad could really see me now. (Be me now.)
Track Name: Winter Solstice
Verse - Shut me down like winter skies, or rotted roots with worms inside. My campus broke along the way. And sand castles have washed away. If I only knew it all along, would this small box life drag out so long? Like a fish that fell right out his bowl, do you recognize me?

Chorus - I've watched such big plans fall apart.
Things weren't right from the start of it all.
I knew we'd always fall.
I can't forget this place, with every single faze.
I need the world to see my face.
Can you hear me?

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