Departure - EP

by The Foxfires

Verse 1 - I live in tea shops and alleyways. I bathe in teardrops of better days. Past all the planets and galaxies. Who, what, or where will my future be? Chorus - Hi, how do you do? It's nice to meet you. Tell me now, how does it feel to walk in your shoes? Verse 2 - I've had enough of my static thoughts. Unclog my ears with what I forgot. Will you forgive me of all my sin? Nothing to lose now, where have I been?
Verse 1 - I'm watching the sunrise as you walk away, and feeling it's warmth on my own face. I wish I had the right words to say. To say. Your silence is bliss in it's own way. Verse 2 - Depression and pain are such addictive drugs. Forming a habit of bad luck. I'm hoping and wishing for your love. Your love. And thinking I may be good enough. Chorus - Now I wanted to say. Verse 3 - I wish he'd remove his hands from you. From you. I wanna go back to just us two. Singing and writing in your room. Your room. You happy is all I wanna do.
Verse 1 - Here I am, now you've hurt someone. My hands have restocked your camera, searching for the perfect picture. And picturesque, was I ever here? The rite of Spring is what I found from sprawling on the ceiling of my head. Chorus - Be the light in your life. Our regret is slowly drifting off, carried out by the tide. I believe I've finally been set free. Verse 2 - Make amends, and I'll make it clear. I don't know the world but I'll still love them, forgetting all the portraits at your bed. Picturesque, was I ever here? The rite of Spring is what I found from sprawling on the ceiling of my head.
Zero Gravity 04:02
Verse 1 - So here I stand on rubble trash. It's hard to see as time moves fast. With open eyes that only hear, I wish you'd take me out of here. Verse 2 - My eyes can hear what ears can not. A distant noise that time forgot. And as you lay in front of me, I know exactly where I want to be. Chorus - So if you find yourself alone and your house is not a home, where do you go? If your friends all turn away and your foot is in the grave, who will you know? See the key is to be true, not just say but also do, and to be honest. And to hold your head up high, 'cause we all will surely die. Daybreak's upon us.
Life 03:26
Verse - Everyone lives and everyone dies. Everyone laughs and everyone cries. Everyone works and everyone strives to just survive in this modern life. Everyone hates to waste their own time, and everyone's trapped inside their own minds. We all grow up to leave it behind, although we're all still that child inside. Pre chorus - With flightless birds that swim the seas, and build their nests between their feet. A warm embrace that raise their young until we're finally on our own. Chorus - Oh how I long to be the big blue open seas. Infinitely expanded. This life was took for granted. And, running free just like natives to our land. And depart. Our hearts will soar together. Our dreams will live forever. Amen. Bridge - When will we realize that we're all just part of this big old thing called life? Let's set our differences aside.
Verse 1 - Are we all forgotten as this life progresses? 'Cause I feel I've gotten all these second chances. Do they even matter? We're just a small percentage of what our senses gather. Hope you get the message. Verse 2 - Are our lives directed? Or are we stranded? Is your god defensive? Could we understand this? Verse 3 - We are all connected through the love we're needing. Is your god defensive? 'Cause he left me bleeding. Chorus - And I hope you knew me.


released June 27, 2014

Christian Diana // vocals, rhythm guitar
Christian Cordero // lead guitar, backing vocals
Adam Kahn // bass, backing vocals
Jason Avery DeLima // drums, percussion

Recorded/Produced by Dan Malsch at Soundmine Studios in Stroudsburg, PA.


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The Foxfires Little Falls, New Jersey

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